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Journey Through Music


LUX is a funky / jazzy / quirky / entertaining / engaging quintet from MA. They are the perfect blend of fun &

intelligent music; performing wide-ranging covers and well-crafted originals. They are a blast to see live; and are equally at home playing a private party, an indie festival, an art house, all the way to a trendy nightclub.









8 String Guitar / Vocals

The creative force behind LUX. Graduate of the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music with a Masters in Jazz Performance. He’s worked hard to make music his life; and his 8-string, an intriguing mix of bass and guitar, sets the stage for the band’s style and sound. Guitar aficionados and casual listeners alike marvel at the distinct fullness of sound produced by the instrument.

Saxophone 3


Lead Vocals

Leanne gives soulful voice to what could formerly only be instrumentals.  She is thrilled to be added to the funky cuckoo LUX crew! She went from being their trusty sidekick substitute to full-time front and center vocalist.  She studied music and psychology at Salem State University, ultimately earning her degree at UMass Lowell.  She is a spunky, soulful songbird with a passion for jazz, blues, rock, and of course…funky cuckoo music.  In addition to over twenty years of vocal performances, she has starred in numerous musical theatre productions including Fiddler on the Roof and 42nd St. 


Percussion / Vocals

PJ Holaday is truly a shining star. Crowds always love seeing them in full performance mode, and the band couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible drummer up on stage and in the studio with them.  Jared’s favorite brother comes with a remarkable pedigree. Grew up in the Boston music scene with accomplished parents and a knack for hitting things. Knack became hobby, hobby became passion, passion became career. Lacking in taste but redeeming in energy, P-nutz’ only hope of salvaging any shred of artistic integrity from his craft is the translation of his Ritalin immunity into percussing.

Drum Sticks
Hands of man playing the trombone


Trombone / Vocals

Hailing from the far away lands of New Jersey, Ed Goroza is the noise bringer. While he was originally a first call as a fill in, eventually Ed grew into the role and was given a full-time position.  From there the sound of the band exploded!

Ed can put a show both visually and sonically, ranging from ripping trombone solos and visual ad lib gags sure to impress many. In addition to LUX, he is a prominent member of Lowell's brass bonanza, The Party Band, to whom he owes his raucous sound to. Offstage, Ed spends his time bringing his talents to other ensembles and writing for bands and horn sections alike.

Hands of man playing the trombone


Saxophone / Vocals

He's just a suburb boy, born and raised north of Detroit. Living in Mass since 2009, Dan Sartorius has been honing his sax-ual abilities throughout his high school and college career, performing constantly with many college ensembles and outside bands while studying Sound Recording Technology at UMass Lowell.


Lulling the audience by weaving saxophonic silk before making them jump back at a reedy outburst of pure grit, Dan’s abilities shine with the flexible variety of tone from his horn. After spending a few weeks being on LUX’s call-list, he joined his fellow Party Band-er Ed Goroza as a regular member, to once again make the funky cuckoo music combo’s horn section, a SECTION.


Newburyport, MA

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First Video from our new CD, Five Mile Smile (recorded at Mastersuite, Brookline NH by Jay Frigoletto)


Official Video from Fat City


Video from our new CD, Five Mile Smile (recorded at Mastersuite, Brookline NH by Jay Frigoletto)


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